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Over the past 5 years, Impress Design has produced over 20 award winning reports (Australasian Reporting Awards), ranging from the highly technical, to the highly visual and engaging). The timelines on these reports are always tight to manage and meet council reporting requirements and the diligence to accuracy is of the highest standard.

Biance Devine - Marketing and Internal Communications Officer, Blacktown City Council

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  • The impress guide to file types

    Impress Guide To: File Types

    You: “Do you have everything to get the project started?” Agency: “If you could send all of the image or design files, that would be great.” You: “I thought I did.” Agency: “No. All the images were low res and for the logo we need vector files.”  You: “Um….. yeah, makes perfect sense...” If…


  • The impress guide to creating a successful brief

    Impress Guide To: Creating a Successful Brief

    How to save time and money with clarity. Why is a clear brief so important? In most cases, given the freedom to flex their capabilities, creatives can often propose imaginative new ideas, taking your project to exciting new places. However, it’s important to remember, you are the conductor on…


  • The impress guide to choosing an agency

    Impress Guide To: Choosing an Agency

    An intricate dance commences as client and agency size each other up, place hands on each other's shoulder and (in the good relationships) begin gazing longingly into each other’s eyes as they waltz off into the future.   However, it often surprises us that sometimes clients and partners are…


  • Impress guide to PDF stickies

    Impress Guide To: PDF Stickies

    Okay, Okay, we get it! Investing your precious time in an article about marking up PDFs might not seem exciting, but we promise to make it entertaining, informative and with any luck save you or your business…  money.    Oh, now we’ve got your attention. Let’s get into it.   Why are PDF…



Everyone has a story to tell.

We work with our clients to define and communicate their unique messages, ensuring they are effective. We'll help you excel with measurable, actionable outcomes that will help effectively engage your audience. We transform complex or technical messages into powerful visual communications that will inform and inspire. Every project gets the full benefit of our strategic expertise, regardless of its size.

We can do the same for you.

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Content is King and we draw on extensive expertise across a wide range of disciplines including copywriting, data visualisation and infographic design to give your brand the royal treatment.

Our clients often have complex or technical messages and value propositions that need to be simplified and explained, without losing their accuracy. We specialise in transforming this information into effective, easy-to-understand visual communications that will engage the audience you need to reach.

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With more than 250 million websites competing for the attention of two billion-plus internet users, you have just eight seconds to capture someone’s attention. Our combination of award-winning design, development and content management services deliver digital designs that will invigorate your online presence and make consumers stick around.

Working at the leading edge of digital trends, we help develop campaign plans to address your specific digital design and web development needs.

Utilising user-friendly digital elements, including interactive content and motion graphics, we deliver strategic solutions that will guide visitors through your content to the desired result.

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Good print design tells a story without the need for further explanation. It achieves this through balanced design and content layout that effortlessly engages and informs your target audience.

Print communications can come in many forms – from annual reports to flyers, conference materials, stationery, magazines, posters and signage. The print communications we create consider your goals against the practicalities of the chosen print medium, whether it be representing your brand identity, conveying key messages, a call to action or more.

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Video is now an essential communications tool to reach your audience. In a fast-paced world with constant distractions, nearly half of online users say they prefer to learn about a product by watching a video on a website or social media and 52%* of marketers report video content provides them with the highest ROI (*

Call on our strong script writing and video production expertise to bring your story to life, from concept to execution. Our ability to create captivating animations in-house, also provides you a different option for presenting information and communicating serious and complex ideas and messages.

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